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paintings by Charlotte Bøgh

From  an exhibition of paintings touring zoological gardens in Denmark in 2004.
The exhibition was a personal project to promote knowledge of orang-utans and to support preservation of the areas where they live in the northern part of Borneo.
The pictures were painted during a visit for three weeks on Sepilok Orang-utan Rehabilitation Centre at Borneo in 2003 using oil colour and coal on paper.


The writer Lars Overby (1960 – 2013), also from Denmark, has written  poems for some of the pictures. They can be found on postcards and posters, associated to the project.

Have a look at some of my orang-utan paintings >>>

Which way will the earth drip or drop when the forest dies?
Poems by Lars Overby

underground and above
look! I am in your deepest wishes
therefore my smile”

“Way down deep
the colour orange sitting
in your black and white

Flat as a taget
so aim at thes
your eyes”

“Rain  – Forest – Man
Which way will the earth
drip or drop
when the forest dies?”

“Bad rain
bleeding monsoon
but my sign for water
is not a sign of thirst”

“Words I don’t have
nor your Language
but a gentle touch
curious caressing
Our Language.”