I have been painting rhinos since 2005, and I often get the question: “Why do you paint rhinos?” I do not have a definitive answer to that. It is in a way elusive to me – the process of doing and seeing things and having things happen to me. To choose from randomness what to do…

I am fascinated by many animals but rhinos really take my breath away. This animal is great. It is present right here and now but yet feels as if it comes from a different world far away. It is a strange creature. I love the feeling this animal gives me – standing solid and connected with the ground. It reminds me of the long and awesome history of the Earth. It reminds me that we need to proceed with care. That we need to think twice about whether we are prepared to see species like the rhinoceros slip away.

Have a look at my Rhino paintings during the years at the Gallery >>>

Charlotte Bøgh Visual artist